Hi guys!

You might be interested in readying my blog, but you are thinking to yourself, “why should I trust anything this girl says? Why should I even read her blog?” Well, let me introduce myself and tell you a bit about myself.

My name is Anne Kropiewnicki and I currently reside in upstate New York. I have lived here for the past 4 years due to school. I am a mother to 2 wonderful fur-babies, Bella and Bonnie Blue. These girls are the love of my life.

Bella & Bonnie Blue

I promise to only write about things that I have experience in. Some posts might be about my opinion, like a review, but a lot of things will be more informational and hopefully helpful to somebody!

There is no set schedule to what I will post or when I will post something, but I will try to keep everything around the same time.

I hope that if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns you will either contact me directly or comment with your thoughts! I can’t wait to get this show on the road. I’ll keep improving my blog through the days.