Too Much Too Fast

Two weeks ago I met the most amazing guy. He is sweet, thoughtful, caring, loves dogs, and funny. No way there is anything wrong, right? Wrong! Well kinda…  

Last week we started dating. Everything was great, and is great. We get along amazingly well and we totally get each other. The only thing is, i’m worried we are moving a bit fast.

Dont get me wrong, there isnt anything wrong with fantasizing about the future or talking about it. But after a week of legitimate dating, talking about moving in? And then that week spending 5 days straight with each other, is a bit much. Right??!

Maybe it is just me, but i dont think so. The past 5 days with him hasnt made me dislike him. It just made me want to confront him and tell him, “hey, can we slow it down a bit?”

Of course he was super understanding and amazing. And now i find myself missing him.

How do you know if he is The One? Do you just know? Cuz maybe i found him….


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