Anne’s Guide to A Happy Life: Rule 3 & 4

Prepare yourselves for Rules 3 & 4 in Anne’s Guide to A Happy Life.


So going through life, a lot of my friends and family ask me how I am always happy and positive. There are tons of reason I am happy every day. Of course there are times where I am sad or mad, or even stressed out, but I always bounce back.

To help answer my friends and family’s question, I decided to write a few blog posts about what makes me happy, how to stay happy, how to get happy, and basically how to be positive in a world full of sadness, death, and negativity (yes that is me being positive). Prepare yourselves for Rules 3 &4.

Rule 3: It All Depends On How You Look At The World.

Different views, different solutions. Just because someone does not or did not share your views and opinions, does not make it wrong. Respect each others opinions. An intelligent argument is always fun, but not when you start saying someone is wrong or you start trying to change their thinking.

Of course sometimes, things are morally incorrect. Sometimes things don’t make sense. One example I use is the Holocaust. It was a horrible horrible and unfortunate event. But if that did not happen, how different do you think the world would be? The Holocaust and everything that happened was morally wrong, but unfortunately, if you think about it it may have seemed right for him or his followers. It isn’t just applicable to world events, but to your life as well. Try to see things from the other person’s shoes or try to think objectively.

Rule 4: When it’s done, walk away.

Another fairly simple one. When it is done, walk away. It can mean anything, a relationship, sport game, or chore. Whenever you finish something move on. No need to linger and dwell on it. Always remember your past is a great, it made you who you are. But move on. Use it to your advantage. It will make you better.

If you haven’t caught up yet check out Rules 1 & 2.


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