My first experience working with kids. Im sure ill post more about it later, after I learn more.


I think in today’s world it is harder to find a profession that you love and provides an income you can live off of. There are too many choices.

I origionally went to school for photography, switched immediately to engineering. After a few years, I came to the conclusion engineering wasnt for me. So a year before my graduation, I changed for a third time to Hospitality/Event Management. 

The idea was to work in the sporting industries and organize their events including concerts, weddings, etc.

I got an “OK” job at a tennis club but I knew it was just the beginning of the journey. Oh boy, was i correct. Eight months later, i quit and accepted a job working at a daycare, which is where I am now writting this post.

I just helped put some toddlers down for their nap and found now is the perfect time to blog. Working in a daycare is a complete change from what i set out to do, but who says it wont work?

Two days in and i love my job. The kids are adorable and funny. And most of the time a pain in the butt. Until not i never really understood why kids go to daycare or why it coats so much.

At a daycare, kids learn structure, some academics, and how to play with others. They learns rules and to respect others and adults. As for money? The price of a daycare can be crazy expensive. But the price is justified. The kids are given breakfast, lunch, and a snack. Any allergies are accomidated. Diapers, etc are provided. And plus the staff needs to be paid.

All in all, i have no idea what this blog is about … i guess its just me ranting in the hour of quiet i get. Gosh i’m tired.

xoxo, Anne

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