Negril, Jamaica

Life’s short, so why not travel and see the world? Negril, Jamaica is a beautiful place. Read my favorite memories from my trip here!


A few years ago, my mom and I took a mother-daughter vacation to Jamaica. I think this was the first time I was legitimately out of the country… Never mind that was a lie, I went to Germany in High School (see a blog about it later). Anywho, Jamaica and a spa resort over the 4th of July? HECK YES!

We stayed at [name of spa resort here]. My mom found the all-inclusive trip on Groupon. The resort was cute and tiny. As in no little kids running around, screaming. It was relaxing. My mom and I paid extra to get our own little hut with a view of the ocean.

The food was amazing. The staff was amazing. The spa treatments were amazing. If you do not know my mother and I, we love to treat ourselves. So of course, we got a sea-side massage and a facial. I believe it rained during out massages, but who cares?! It was Jamaica. For me, the rain added in the relaxation.

We visited Rick’s Cafe. This cafe was pretty cool. They had live music and of course, a souvenir shop. But what this place is known for, and sets it apart is the 35-40 foot platform you can jump from. There are lower levels for the younger folk or the ones scared of heights. 

During out time here we went zip lining, exploring, snorkeling, and we went on a glass-bottom boat tour. The boat tour was cool. We were taken into caves and we even saw dolphins.

By the time we left, the workers knew us by name and we knew them. Everyone was super friendly! I don’t think I can praise this place enough. There will be more pictures in a later post! Sorry, just couldnt find em.

Do you have any stories about your time in Jamaica? Comment below!


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