Dubai, United Arab Emirates

This time last year, I traveled to Dubai, UAE. Here I will document some of the super cool things I saw and did. There will be tons of pictures!


Around this time last year, I traveled to Dubai with fellow classmates from Rochester, New York. In a previous post, I gave some tips that I found helpful when traveling to an Islamic country, Middle Eastern Country, or anywhere for that matter. In this post, there will be tons more pictures and a few things that I really remember from my trip. I hope you enjoy and that this makes you want to travel and see the world!Burj Al Arab: The Burj Al Arab is the only 7 star hotel in the world. They pride themselves on being better than the best. At the very top is a helicopter landing pad and they even made their own beaches.

Burj Al Arab

Burj Khalifa: The tallest structure in the world. For a small fee, you can ride the extremely fast elevator and see Dubai from new heights! The elevator is so fast and smooth, your ears pop. Because everything is bigger and better in Dubai, the water fountain shows outside the Burj Khalifa are to die for.

Burj Khalifa

Riding Camels: A once in a lifetime experience. You know how in America we have Horse Races? Well in Dubai they race Camels. Apparently, when camels run, they look funny. And no, you do not sit on the hump.


Ski Dubai: Did you ever want to go skiing in the summer or in the dessert? Well at Ski Dubai you can! Often open until 5am, Ski Dubai allows you to ski in the middle of the dessert. Equipped with ski lifts, 20°F, and a snowman building area, Ski Dubai is everything cold you would want in the dessert.


Sheikh Zayed Mosque: Located in Abu Dhabi, the capitol of UAE, is the Grand Mosque. The mosque made completely of 24K gold and marble was completed in 2007 for about $545 million USD. (note: be sure to wear long baggy clothes and cover your head)12522932_10208381181555571_1163017351937225780_n

The Souks: Similar to our farmer’s markets, the Souks provided an opportunity to experience shopping within the UAE. Of course there are malls, but you can buy most of that in the USA. Here, locals have business and sell varieties of spices, clothing, and jewelry. Make sure your haggling prices are honed before exploring this area!


Below, I have included some cool pictures from the trip 🙂
I will try to locate more, I know I took a bunch … so stay tuned!

xoxo, Anne

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