“What’re you doing with your life?”

Aren’t you tired of being asked this question? I am. It has been a long and daunting question. Beware, I do not offer any resolve.


As the holiday season has just past, I’m sure a lot of you might have gotten this question “What’re  you doing with your life?” or some form of it revolving around your career. For me, I always get this. My grandmother will call me during any given day and just to ask me. Or my mom will text me and send me pictures of job openings near her in South Carolina. Frankly, I’m tired of it.

Any question like “What’re you doing with your life” haunts my nightmares. I get asked this question a lot, by family members, dates, friends, and people I come into contact with at work. And no matter what reason or answer I have, they always give me a look as if I should know or already be doing it.

In addition to this, my major was confusing as hell. I started as Photography for 10 weeks, then switched to Engineering for 2.5 years. The last year of school I realized I did not want to be an engineer. So I switched again, to an Interdisciplinary degree. This basically means I combined areas I was interested in and made my own major.

Anyways, I’m not licensed to be an engineer and I didn’t have enough internship experiences in Hospitality to get anything I wanted immediately. So I took a random job, customer service, to pay the bills and give me time off of school. My grandmother seems to think I should have went right into Graduate school or found a “higher paying job.” Now, my answer to her was “I was in school since Pre-K, since I was 3 years old. I am not 22 years old. I deserve a break from education.” She wasn’t too thrilled. Her other argument was that because I have a bachelor’s degree, I should have a well paying job, in my field, doing exactly what I want to.

I’m not saying she is wrong. When you earn your Bachelor’s degree you automatically have an idea of what kind of job you want and what kind of money you should earn. The thing about that is you’re wrong … ish. You can’t expect to be placed in a high position just because you went to school. You need to start at the bottom and work your way up, make connections, show them who you are.

My rant is getting a little long now, so I guess I will conclude it here. I’m not even sure how far off topic I got. But, I hate this question. People seem to think you should be somewhere in your life at a certain point. When, in reality, there is no “right” direction or road or destination. Life is a journey. It is your life. Don’t let someone else’s expectations of you move you or put you somewhere you don’t want to be.


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